Where is the Boundary between Freedom of Expression and a Person’s Honor, Dignity and Business Reputation - Some Examples from the Georgian Court Practice


  • Tamar LAKERBAIA Tbilisi State University




Dignity, Freedom of Expression, Honor, Thought


Media law is a relatively new trend in the field of law, the importance of which is growing rapidly. The civilized world unanimously recognized the freedom of the press as the foundation of a democratic society. Equal importance is to ensure freedom of speech and expression as eternal and supreme human values and provide appropriate standards for their implementation. However, like most of the fundamental rights, freedom of expression is not absolute. It can be restricted, if it is necessary to protect the rights and dignity of others. The purpose of this paper is to examine the general legal principles of freedom of expression in Georgia and analysis of judicial practice in this area. Of particular importance is the conflict between the values between freedom of expression and the protection of honor and dignity of others. Specifically, the issue is where the boundary between these two fundamental rights.

Author Biography

Tamar LAKERBAIA, Tbilisi State University

Ph.D student, Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law