The Global Dimensions of the Democracy Enlargement in the XXI Century. Main Obstacles of this Process and Ways of the Problems Resolution


  • Nika CHITADZE International Black Sea University



Education, Democracy, Human Rights, State, Society


In the research, there are analyzed main principles of democracy, main global processes, which are going on in the modern World, related to the increasing the number of the democratic states from one side, and main threats and challenges, which seriously hamper the further enlargement of democracy from the other side. Among them, it should be pointed out about conflicts, terrorism, poverty, lack of knowledge of the World Population about main principles of democracy and human rights, North-South gap etc. 

In the last part of the paper, is presented the point of view, how the factor of education can influence on the further democratization of the World.

Author Biography

Nika CHITADZE, International Black Sea University

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences