An Assessment of Good Governance and Development in Nigeria: A Study of Bayelsa State 2012-2019


  • Nimizigha Ali Akpotunimibofa
  • Frank Funkeye Sapele
  • Akinrolabu Dare Raphael



Good governance and development are dimensions of democracy for fostering equity and inclusiveness, accountability, rule of law, transparency, and the attainment of national development among others. The major purpose of the research is to examine good governance and development were institutionalized and achieved by the Bayelsa State government under Henry Seriake Dickson from 2012-2019. The study adopted structural-functional theory, descriptive research design, secondary sources of data collection and content analysis. The study among others discovered that from 2012-2019, the fundamental liberal politico-administrative values of good governance and development such as equity and inclusiveness, rule of law, accountability, vis-à-vis socio-economic and political development were not adequately addressed by the Bayelsa State government. Based on this, the study recommended that, Bayelsa State government should pursue an inclusive, people-oriented and participatory democracy to address the challenges inhibiting good governance and open up opportunities for development